Anodizing Aluminum is the process in which different metal parts are coated with aluminum to make them even more rigid and stable. Moreover, this coating makes them look better and provides stability to them. It is a type of coating. It is just time for painting or coating aluminum on the metal parts.

This process is very interesting and very sensitive but a bit difficult. But several things are involved in this. There are lots of things that can affect it and make it worse because it needs special care. KAIAO is working to provide lots of services related to this field.

So here we are going to discuss 3 Factors To Affect the Cost Of Anodizing Aluminum Parts and other Aluminum Rapid Prototyping Services provided by KAIAO. So if you are interested to know about this process just read out this article and you will be stunned after getting lots of information. Let’s check out.

How do Anodizing Aluminum Parts Work

The process of aluminum anodizing is actually very interesting and unique. It helps to keep different parts very shiny and make them new. Basically, all the aluminum parts are dipped in the solution on aluminum and then the electorate is passed through it. To make all of them stable.

These electrons create a layer of aluminum on the parts you wish to use and then the finishing process has been done to create the best party ever. But it depends if the customer needs it or not. But there are a few factors that affect the cost of anodizing aluminum parts.

3 Factors to Affect the Cost Of Anodizing Aluminum Parts

Given below are the factors that can easily affect the cost of all the parts you wish to treat so before ordering your robotic sector parts or any other medical prototyping service must consider the following factors to get a good result.


Racking means dipping maximum parts at one time. It is actually a very simple step but it can affect the coating. If too many parts are added at once it may not get coated perfectly and some of the parts may not get the balanced coating. It can make the part unattractive and less charming. so must avoid racking of tools.

Coating Thickness

Secondly the thickness of the coating. But it can be done as demanded by customers. If customers need thick-walled parts or thick coating you may need to create a big dipping part and then you have to dip it for a longer time and again and again to get desired results.

Other Demands

There are several more things that can also affect the cost of this coating. For example, the design given by the client is too complicated and it is very difficult to coat. It may also decrease the cost of aluminum anodizing. If many customers add extra details it can also make it a bit difficult to handle.

How it can be better

Everything has a perfect solution. KAIAO provides various solutions to deal with it and to provide quality services in this field as well. The things that can make it better include the following.

  • Professional workers should do it
  • Use high-quality process
  • Use high-quality material
  • Use Advance CNC milling

Final Words

Finally, the process of coating can be better with the high-quality services of KAIAO. No matter what type of order so this KAIAO know how to fulfil the news of customers. This was all about the coating of aluminum. If you find it interesting let me know in the comment section.


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