The popularity of Carhartt Beanies is mainly influenced by hip-hop culture and skater fashion. Since their recognition in the 90s, there have been many designs that have hit the market. Initially, the Carhartt beanies were meant to be part of official wear and were popular with blue-collar workers. A lot has changed since blowing up, and their designs have hit fashion shows, streetwear looks, and model catwalks. They come in different designs, including the cheetah carhartt beanie that follows in the footsteps of current market trends.

Carhartt beanies have a lot of excellent designs ranging from material to colors and knitting. They cater to current market trends while remaining a unique beanie brand that the market loves. Famous celebrities have won some of these designs, further cementing the fact that they are of high quality. Even with subtle differences in collections, all of them are comfortable and easy to wear.

Amazing Carhartt Designs You Should Get

Below are some cool Carhartt beanies you will love.

1. Outdoor Knitted Beanie

The unique thing about this design is its snow outdoor vibe imprinted on the beanie. It comes in grey and white colors, matching perfectly with the imprint design. The material is 100% acrylic which makes it stretchable to fit anyone.

2. Knit Pom Pom Women’s Beanie

This collection is specifically for women and has a knitted fold-up puff on top that gives it a child-like but stylish look. It has incredible color combinations at the top and bottom, making it a unique, stylish design.

3. Woodside Carhartt Beanies

This beanie’s unique and remarkable feature is that it is highly insulated to provide warmth no matter the weather. It has a great knitted design that resembles a wooden kind of vibe with a lot of details. This beanie comes in three different colors; brown, grey, and black, and it can match a streetwear look.

4. Knit Reflective Patched Beanie

The patched beanie is one of the distinct Carhartt designs with a reflective yarn all through the hat. It comes in a black and bright green color, giving it a stylish, unique look easily distinguishable from any other beanie.

5. Cuffed Wool Blend

The cuffed blend design is an exclusive Carhartt style. It has a brown color with small patches of white on the beanie, giving it a snowy beanie look. The wool and nylon materials also ensure that no odor is kept after wearing them and that sweat is absorbed throughout.

6. Rib Knit Fisherman Beanie

The nep yarn design is a standard design found in most fisherman beanies. Carhartt, however, make it unique by adding the cuffed wool patches on various parts of the hat. It has a ratio of 80:20 wool and nylon materials, making it a highly absorbent hat. The beanie has a heavy and chunky look and is perfect for icy seasons.


Carhartt beanies can be stylish outfits for both men and women, depending on the beanie type and how you style it. The growing trend in beanies is an excellent opportunity for you to try out different collections and designs since they can be styled to fit any occasion. The majority of Carhartt beanie collections are very comfortable and of high quality, making it easy to find one that you love. It is unlikely that Carhartt beanies will ever go out of style, but before then, it is time to invest in one.


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