A sand washer, also known as a sand washing machine, is a device used to remove impurities mixed with sand and gravel. It aims to get clean sand and improve the sand quality to meet construction standard requirements. These machines are commonly used in sand production plants, mines, concrete mixing, and transportation plants. Alibaba.com stocks sand washers of different sizes and working principles. The sand washing machine costs also differ. However, if you keenly look at the listings, you will get the best machine for your needs.

What elements affect sand washing machine costs?

Cost is one of the factors you cannot ignore when buying production machines. However, everybody wants to save money and buy the best. This is possible if you know where to look and the factors influencing the cost. Various aspects determine the standard sand washing machine cost. They include;


The materials used to make the sand washer usually influence its cost. Steel is the preferred material for sand washers. It is durable, highly wear-resistant, and high-quality. Unfortunately, steel is a rare resource. Therefore, sand washers made from pure steel are typically more costly. Their prices also fluctuate depending on the steel price increases and decreases. Cheaper sand washers are made from combination materials or steel alloys. However, these machines do not offer the same quality as the latter.

Sand washer type

The type of machine also determines its cost. There are various sand washers with varying working principles; the most common are spiral, wheel, drum, vibration, and bucket sand washing machines. Spiral and wheel sand washing machines are typically cheaper because of their less technical working principles. On the other hand, higher-tech sanding machines are typically more expensive. It is worth mentioning that the machine type also determines its application.

Area of application

The sand washer’s application area also influences its price. For instance, sand washing machines designed for high-standard construction projects like highways and railways are typically more advanced and expensive. This also applies to devices used in extensive mining facilities. On the other hand, sand washing machines for everyday construction activities or smaller projects are typically cheaper. The application area also determines the level of machine advancements and its working principle.

The brand or manufacture

Naturally, the manufacturer determines how much its products cost. This also applies to sand washing machines. Brand determines their product prices based on the manufacturing cost; the manufacturing prices include raw material, labor, and refining costs. Most brands also base their production costs on their locations and target clients. Also, there are some specifications you will find in some brands but lack in others. With many brands coming up, it will be wrong to say that famous brands offer the best machines. You can get a good sand washing machine from a brand you never expect and at a very fair price. Quality matters a lot.


Sand washing machines are used to improve the quality of natural and machine-made sand. They help construction practitioners clean up sand to the industry requirements. This makes the sand easier and safer to use. These machines are vital for sand and gravel companies.


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