Technology has revolutionized people’s lives in numerous ways. Nowadays, there are machines for almost everything. The machines make manual labor obsolete. For instance, most households use washing machines for clothes, dishes, walls, and vehicles instead of conventional human labor. There are also simple machines like egg breaking machines. Check out Alibaba for products from some of the leading egg breaking machine manufacturers.

Things you should know about egg breaking machines

Egg-breaking machines are relatively novel inventions. When most people hear of them, they picture a small gadget for breaking eggshells. However, these are advanced machines used in industrial settings like food production companies. Below are some fundamentals you should know about these devices.

What is an egg-breaking machine?

An egg-breaking machine is a device that imitates the manual procedure for breaking eggshells. Therefore, it is an advanced or mechanical egg beater in addition to breaking the egg shell. These machines can also automatically separate the egg liquid and shell. Most of them also separate the yolk and the egg white. They execute the process so well that you don’t have to worry about your eggs going to waste or shell mixing with the egg yolk. That makes the machines applicable in various places, as we will see below.

Where are egg-breaking machines used?

These machines are mostly used in the food production sector; they are especially popular in bread, biscuit, and cake-making companies. Eggs are among the vital baking ingredients. Therefore, bread, biscuits, cookies, and cake makers use thousands of eggs for mass baked goods production. Egg-breaking machines help these companies automate their egg-breaking processes. They also help ensure that the egg shells are not mixed with other ingredients.

Egg-breaking machines are also applied in the egg processing industry. Their commercial applications are unlimited. They apply anywhere eggs are used as raw materials. Egg-breaking machines are also applied in small establishments like restaurants and local bakeries.

Benefits of egg breaking machines

These machines are highly beneficial in their application areas. They significantly reduce labor intensity by automating egg picking, breaking, and separating processes. The machines also improve production efficiency and reduce the waste of materials. You will realize that egg-breaking machines also help food production companies maximize the quality of their products.

Types of egg breaking machines

There are three basic types of egg breaking machines. The first type is the small egg breaking and separating machine used in small to medium-sized establishments. It is cheaper and less advanced. The second type is the chain plate egg-breaking machine. This is an advanced machine that can handle hundreds of eggs. The eggs are placed on a conveyor belt, commonly used in massive industries or establishments. The third type is the rotary egg-breaking machine. This type features a mechanical arm clamps the egg and breaks it through metal collision. The mechanical arm imitates the human way of breaking eggs.


Currently, egg breaking machines are used for commercial applications as they have proven to be highly beneficial in this sector. However, it won’t be long before smaller ones are designed for everyday use.


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