Going back to the basics is frequently a great way to find a fantastic power tool. When you stop and consider pressure washing, it uses an electric motor-driven high-pressure pump. The machine applies water at high pressure producing a stream powerful enough to loosen most dirt and debris.

A pressure washer is a recommended handy tool, no matter what trade you’re in. Whether you are in property care or any other trade, you can improve your productivity by using a pressure washer. However, pressure washers are complex machines that can be easily damaged if you are not aware of how they work and the proper way to operate them.

One of the ways of taking care of your pressure washer is by learning its various parts and learning how to maintain them. If these parts are not maintained properly the entire machine can become useless.

Parts That Make Up a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are made up of several parts that complete their making allowing them to function. They contain all of the internal components as well as any movable exterior components.

The major components include an engine, movable wand, a pump, a pressure switch, a handle, and an electrical circuit. In addition to the above movable components, some parts remain stationary like hoses and the blaster gun.

Like the parts of a car engine, the components of a pressure washer all have specific functions. Here are some of the roles of several movable parts of a pressure washer.

The Pump

The pressure washer pump is the main component of a pressure washer. It creates the force of high-pressurized water from your home’s water source, whether it is from a well, reservoir, or city water supply. This pump transfers the force of the water to the nozzle that then shoots out to create pressure and power in your flow of water.

The Wand

The Wand is for cleaning tight spots, such as cars and motorcycles. The wand also has a shutoff cock that connects to an extension hose, allowing you to get underneath surfaces or into corners without dragging the full stand around.

A Handle

The handle is used more for maneuvering washers at different angles, rather than raising or lowering the flying arm. The trigger handle releases from the pump to put pressure on one single spot, such as spraying down a window yet avoiding spray coming out of the sides for streak-free clean.

The Engine

Pressure washers can be powered by electricity fuel or gasoline and with this comes the need for a pressure washer to own an engine. The engine on a pressure washer powers its pumps and the pump distributes the water at high pressure. The engine should always be filled up for the pressure washer to be efficient.

These parts being movable means they can be changed. If you’re looking to change some of the movable parts of your pressure washer visit Giraffe tools.com for the best offers. Visit Giraffe tools and buy pressure washer components.


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