Two workers Installing artificial grass in modern garden of home

Being a new artificial grass manufacturer does not give you room to be mediocre and deliver wrong jobs to clients. At best, it is you who should be more than ready to do your job well so you can retain the client and, if possible, get referrals from the client. That is why it is usually better to learn all you need to know about the business, from making the artificial grass to its installation. That way, you know what to do and what not to do to avoid mistakes in the artificial grass business. It is a great business that can boom if you have the proper knowledge, and at the same time, it can be unpleasant when you do not have enough knowledge.

Manufacturing artificial grass is one thing; installing the grass is another thing entirely. As a homeowner with no experience at all, you can try to install the artificial grass on your own, although it is usually better to have a professional do their job. That way, you can rest assured of a near-perfect installation, if not perfect. Regardless of the professional experience, however, some mistakes are associated with installing artificial grass in whatever place. These mistakes are common, and anyone can make them, and the errors will, in most cases, affect the plant in the nearest future. To avoid some of these mistakes, you should try to know about the mistakes. Some of the common mistakes in installing artificial grass include;

Poor excavation

When you want to install your artificial grass in your home, you can’t just lay it on the floor. It is not a rug, and neither is it a carpet that will stay. You have first to excavate the area you need to lay the artificial grass. The excavation has to be done neatly to avoid any future challenges. The depth of excavation depends on the soil of the area and the depth you need to go. Excavation is as vital as the choice of grass.

Bad drainage

When you want to install your fake grass, it is vital that you consider water and its challenges before you install. While you are excavating the area your drain is going to stay, you need to consider the draining system for the artificial grass. If you do not make a proper drain, it means anytime rain comes pouring down; then the water will remain at the top of the grass. Instead, you can make a sound draining system to ensure water leaves the grass quickly, thereby extending its lifespan.

Failure to take care of weed

After excavating where you need your artificial grass to stay, what you have is pure soil. If you plant it on the soil, it will germinate. But for weeds to spring forth, they do not need an invitation. Weeds will spring forth over time, and if you don’t take care of it, they’ll end up messing with your artificial grass. What you can do to avoid such mistakes is to use a weed barrier over the space you want to lay your artificial grass. That way, you can rest assured of your grass.


Aside from the three common mistakes of laying artificial grass in your home, there are many others. To escape any of the errors, call on a professional to help install the grass.


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