Close up shot of wild rice on a wood table.

Wood pellets, plastic pellets, and other types of pellets are the most popular. But today, rice husk pellet use is increasingly growing in popularity throughout the globe. There are no two reasons for the increasing popularity of rice husk pellets other than their versatility. Rice husk pellets are a form of biomass pellets made from either rice hulls or husk.

Before now, rice husk never used to be a popular option because of some setbacks in its qualities. Usually, in terms of caloricity, rice husk pellets are extremely low compared to other pellets. Also, it has a soft and light texture. But thanks to technology, there are pellets press machines that can improve the caloricity and other properties of the rice husk. 

If you own a company that’s into rice processing in the industry, you should already be making money from risk husk pellets production. If you’re not, then you’ve been wasting what’s in high demand. Rice husk is the waste that remains after processing rice from your rice miller. With some processes, that waste may soon turn into some cool money for you. 

However, the process of making a rice husk pellet isn’t an easy one – it takes a long approach. From sorting the husk from the miller, drying it, and crushing, the processes are tedious. And, there are no shortcuts to the processes; you have to do them. The most important of all the processes are in the machine you choose to make your rice husk pellets. Because risk husk has a light texture, the large-scale pellet press machine is the ideal one. But as much as possible, try to use the one with a ring die. The cost to get the machine and the running expenses may be high, but the profits are promising because of the high demand for rice husk pellets.  Some of the reasons for the high demand for these pellets include; 


The first and one of the most prominent reasons for the rice husk pellet popularity is how versatile the pellet is. Unlike some other pellets, rice husk pellets have different uses. You can use a rice husk pellet in a stove, either the domestic stove or an industrial pellet stove. Also, rice husk pellets work excellently in heating furnaces, boilers, and many other heating systems. Generally, for most heating systems in the market today, a rice husk pellet will most likely work out. 


When you make pellets and want to sell them, you may need to move them long distances. The storing and moving process for some types of pellets can be very tedious. But with a rice husk pellet, you wouldn’t even sweat while storing and moving it. Already, the shape and size of rice husk pellets are small and compact, so you won’t be stressed to move them. 


While making a biomass fuel, the environment is also another point of consideration. With rice husk pellets, only minimal amounts of carbon and harmful substances are released. The gasses released are even helpful to help grow the plants.  


Rice husk pellets are an increasingly popular way of making money for many reasons, as discussed in this guide. However, you’ll need dedication, hard work, and of course, money to start, sustain and succeed in the business. 


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