As the technology evolves, connectors become smaller and more powerful. They differ not only in shape but also in workload and speed. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between them.

Some things are timelessly classic, and Type-A connectors are one of them. However, nowadays, Type-C is gaining hype in the technological market. Which one is capable enough to fit your needs as a USB car charger? The below comparison will help you decide.

USB Type-C vs. USB Type-A: What’s Different?

The Shape

Type-A and Type-C USB connectors have dissimilar shapes. In other words, you can tell them apart by looking at them. Type-A has a rectangular shape. While the Type-C connectors have a signature narrow rectangular shape with round corners.

Type-A connectors are common in PCs, laptops, and other electronic devices. The latest phones and tablets have a Type-C charging port. As many users still use Type-A connectors, UGREEN engineers car USB chargers featuring both these ports. However, it is mainly famous for its USB-c car charger models.

Charging Direction

Type-C connectors came into the market in 2014 but took several years to reach their current popularity. They are mainly famous for their bidirectional charging capability.

In contrast, the Type-A USB connectors are not bidirectional. It means you have to insert the device in the inverted direction of the host. It becomes infuriating when you have a dark interior jack hosting the charger.

Luckily, UGREEN recognized this difficulty, and most of their chargers feature an LED to illuminate the charging port.

Power and Speed

The next differentiating factor is the power of each of these connectors. Type-A connectors haven’t gone through an update since their release. Although, they are capable enough to fulfill the everyday needs of common folk.

Contrastingly, the Type-C connectors are robust and compact. They also feature the compatibility to work with HDMI and other multi-media connectors. Although, Type-A connectors are fairly slower than Type-C connectors. But, UGREEN has a thing for efficiency. Their Type-A car chargers feature the latest Qualcomm quick charge technology, which charges your phone faster.

Which Connectors Work Best For Car Chargers?

The type of connector depends on your needs. You can use a charging cable from Type-A to Type-C. The former plugs in the car charger while the latter plugs into your phone.

Or, you can buy a Type-C to Type-C cable and use it with your car charger. However, it is to note that the Type-C to Type-C cable will charge your phone quicker than the Type-A to Type-C cable.


Connectors have evolved to provide much higher speeds and power. For a normal user, the difference between Type-A and Type-C is merely their different shapes. However, the interior game is much different. Type-A Connectors are versatile and are still in demand as many users prefer them. But latest devices demand more speed and power, which only Type-C connectors can provide.

Despite the speeds, the quality of the charger still depends on the brand chosen. Hence, ensure you are investing in a good brand.


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